KCT Shack

What is "KCT Shack" actually?

After few years of portable HF contesting in M/2 category from Turkey we still haven't agreed on official team name :-) Anyway, I now use KCT (Kadaif/Kanafeh Contest Team) as codeword for all my projects related to our portable setup. One would ask - why kadaif (or kanafeh, if you prefer)? Well, because due to shack's temporary nature (our shacks are setup to last for a week) there is always a tangle of cables, which becomes so solid (and hard to disassemble) at the end of the contest that, combined with the country we operate from, it reminds me for nothing else than this delicious regional dessert. Take a look at the pics in case you still wonder.More technical detail please?

Here they come. KCT Shack has modular architecture that enables Multi-Op station participation in either M/S or M/2 categories. It is constantly improved (as the time permits) but the general idea is to have operational positions that cover 3 different bands and share one and the same antenna farm. In order to make RUN bands efficient, 2 out of the 3 positions are equipped with 2 transceivers. High level picture of the station will follow here...